Personal Notes From Digitalia.

Why You Should Focus On The What

It is easy to “start with why”: You sit down, walk, brainstorm or meditate, and eventually you will come up with a lofty “why statement”, which will be your favourite mantra for the next few days. But what will you do with it? Many people then skip or only lightly touch the “what” because it is much more fun to explore the “how”: it is all about learning and acquiring knowledge, skills needed for future success; networking, talking, fiddling with technologies and figuring out perfect workflows for quite unlikely scenarios.

How often shall I post on LinkedIn

I hear this quite often in my coachings . And I sense a feeling of insecurity and fear that interactions might gobble up too much time from an already busy work day. Interactions are important for deep networking. But it is not purely about frequency. You could be an “interaction monster“, “like“ and “share“ or “comment“ as much as possible. But really, what do you want to achieve with it?

Smart - but not helpful

Take the future of a city full of autonomous cars (a technologist’s dream come true): The natural “enemies” of these smart vehicles will be cyclists and pedestrians as they are unpredictable human risks who will suddenly rule the streets (neatly programmed, autonomous cars will stop and obey when pedestrians stand in the middle of the road). In consequence, and to keep traffic flowing, a “smart system” needs to take care of all subjects disturbing that flow.

Can you read this? / Können Sie das lesen? / Pouvez-vous lire ceci ? / Riesci a leggere questo? / Kunt u dit lezen? / Czy mógłbyś to przeczytać?

Ok, so I do not speak any Chinese. I guess the picture above might be a DVD shop with some other stuff on sale. Maybe mobile telephone cards? Who knows. My native language is German. I can discuss deep world politics in English. Pardon my French. The rest in my language toolbox is rusty and pretty useless. We do live in a global world. While a few years ago English was the main language here in LinkedIn (it still is) and all German members posted their profiles and activities in English only, something has changed.